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Principal's Message


“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and actions.”

-Harold S. Geneen, President and CEO of ITT (1959 - 1977)

Leadership is... The answer to this question will vary by cadet, but some elements of leadership are constant. Leaders hold themselves to a higher standard, model the attributes they wish to inspire in others, and serve as well as lead.  

The Porterville Military Academy (PMA) espouses a leadership theme throughout the campus.  Under a pathway to leadership, cadets learn attributes of great leaders and then put these lessons into action in the classroom, in the community and during cadet training. At PMA, cadets, teachers, and staff take part in ensuring the smooth operation of the school, and strive to better our community. Our collective goal is to develop 21st Century leaders who will be agents of change in business, politics, and public service.  Hence our motto, “Leaders Forged Here.”

As PMA cadets, you will build your leadership foundation upon four pillars:  

Leadership by Example: PMA’s “Leadership Laboratory” allows you to practice servant leadership and develop into a leader of integrity and good moral character.   

Academic Excellence:  Rigorous coursework provides the knowledge and skills necessary to be future leaders. You will develop effective time management, organization, teamwork and perseverance.

Civic Responsibility:  Community service will hone your leadership skills, and make you a connected member of our community. In addition, through civic involvement you will become an informed and responsible citizens.

Physical Fitness and Personal Well Being:  You will be pushed physically and taught to make healthy lifestyle choices.  A healthy diet, getting enough rest and exercising regularly are traits that will serve you now and throughout your lifetime both personally and professionally.   

High expectations are the norm for PMA Cadets. As the leaders of the future, you should accept nothing less. You will be challenged daily, but we are here to support you. No matter your destination, our goal is to prepare you to get there.  

I am proud you have chosen to become a PMA Cadet and I am excited about your future. You, too, should be proud to be a part of the PMA Community of Leaders!

Mr. Doug Ihmels