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Please visit the following websites for a list of available scholarships. for all students regardless of status  Undocumented Scholarships  - Scholarships, college search, education information for undocumented students (DACA)  Immigrants Rising  MALDEF 10000Degrees - over 4 BILLION $ in scholarships!  - more than $11 BILLION in scholarships - complete list of independent CA colleges/universities with $ -money for community college students - Free matching service; fun titles such as; Shout It Out; Zombie Apocalypse; Sweet & Simple; Superpower; Do-Over; Flavor of the Month; Make Me Laugh -scholarship opportunities for Latino students -college-bound Hispanic students -a plan to apply for scholarships to suit your needs - college search -savings for college  - scholarship search  - financial aid information - find Christian colleges  Asian American, Hawaii, Pacific Islander - college, career, scholarship search  McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship 02/13/2020 The Paradigm Challenge 05/01/2024 Breakthrough Junior Challenge 06/25/2024 Davidson Institue  02/15/2024 Voice of Democracy 10/31/2024 The Dream National Scholarship 02/29/2024 Doodle for Google Scholarships 03/14/2024 ScholarSHPE 04/02/2024 Scholarship America Barry Griswell Scholarship 05/23/2024 CIA Scholarship program 06/30/2024